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For the November First Friday, we cornered Seattle artist Jess Wamre to show at our East Burnside location. Wamre will display a dozen of his current works including photographs and an installation. 26 years old and resident of Seattle spent much of his years growing up, living and schooling around the PAC NW. In attempt to get to know him better we set up an interview with our head gay in NYC---the correspondence is below.

Please welcome Jess, and join us for 10% off storewide--and 30% off selected merchandise. Complimentary beverages to be served and extended store hours until 10pm--or until we head out for sparks.

+Below image supplied by Wamre.
+Below Text/interview by Ty McBride (www.myspace.com/Ty_McBride) with Wamre via gmail.

NAME: Jess Robert Wamre
AGE: 26

TMC: Jess what would you say is the main inspiration/focus of your work?
JRW: "The main inspiration for my work comes from the juxtaposition between two important things: life and death. I have struggled with a real understanding of what those two thins are and I have found I have a real liking for both. Whether it's a photo of a cancer patient smoking a cigarette, or an un-potted plant, the comparison is st still there, and it is comforting. At least, I find, it is supposed to be comforting Its amazing just how unfomfortable you can get trying to create a s ense of real comfort from real life situations."

TMC: When I google image searched your name the only things that came up were a Yugoslavian gay porn and a picture of chest hair---care to elaborate?
JRW: "I have my own fantasies of doing Yugoslavian fisting porn. The chest hair in inexplainable. It was probably a close up of me when I was young. I have had chest hair since I was 11."

TMC: How long have you been showing your work--and is this your first show in PDX?
JRW: "I have shown at one other place in Portland, FRINGE VINTAGE. A close friend of mine owns the shoppe. It's beautiful there and it was great to be able to show my work in a place with such amazing garments that were retail items in the 50's. It all worked really well and I am glad I had that opportunity to show there."

TMC: If you could be sandwiched between any two items what would they bey and why?
JRW: "If I were to be sandwiched between two things it would have to be a log cabin and a can of crisco...WHY? Well, these are two things I require for pure happiness.

TMC: Who are you dying to fuck?
JRW: "I'm dying to fuck myself."

TMC: Send us out with your favorite quote...
JRW: "The only real constant in life is change."

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