everyday or eternal clothing

after months of waiting for this new line to arrive i am so pleased to welcome everyday or eternal to frank james! below are a few pics, there are four other styles in the store. we are BURSTING with Spring!

eddie dress $120

nelly romper $118

taylor dress $116

everyday or eternal is a los angeles based clothing line that is contemporary meets whimsical femininity and simplistic meets sophisticated. made in the usa.


saucier jewelry

one of our many jewelry makers, aaron saucier, recently shipped another package FULL of great pieces.

aaron saucier jewelry is all handmade in beautiful brooklyn, nyc.

altru apparel

another olympic tee trickled in the door today. i am loving them!



lately i have been feeling very underwhelmed (depressed). nothing excites me. everything disappoints. i cry myself to sleep. i smear lipstick all over my face.

so thank god the amazing julia blackburn swung by the shop the other day to drop off some new one of a kind dust pieces. when my hands touched this silk fringe blouse pictured below i could literally feel the weight of 25 years of shame being lifted off my shoulders.

come in and pick up some dust before it blows away... (that was funny)
photo credit: jeff luker


sorry safari

plastic island 'hutton' jump suit

this amazing piece from plastic island makes me want to kill something....or someone.

vice is here

come on by and pick one up.