huge f-in sale

frank james is having its first sale!
30% OFF
here's a sneak of just a few things you can snatch up..

hype dress reg.$189
mink pink tank reg. $40
now! $28
plastic island jacket reg. $140
now! $98


where are my 4 inch heels at?!

girl! they're right here! frank james is new to shoes, so we get excited when its time to blog them. these jeffrey campbell ruffy heals put the 'ho no you did not' in hot high heels. shut up...

jeffrey campbell ruffy heel. $110. 


okay. something relevant to frank james

first off. lets preface this blog with an apology. frank james is sorry for not blogging relevant items. we just got super excited as new bloggers girl! 

so lets talk clothes. 

we're still trying to figure this thing out. 
the "thing" being our obsession with LA MERDE jackets. 
we're not sure.
frank james has a new jacket coming.
this is the back.
why would we show the front?

see you soon!


mystery object found in store

from whence it came we do not know. our immediate reaction was to claw out each-other's throats and, broken and bloodied, hold the glowing object to to our jealous hearts while huddled in the corner of one of the dressing rooms. days stretched into weeks as we crouched transfixed, our dark master nourishing us and showing us a cruel world of pain and pleasure. anyways, if you dropped this in the store we can be reached at 503.239.3959 sunday/monday 12-6 tuesday-saturday 12-8.


oregon artificial limb co.

being the new kids on the block we figured it was time to get to know some of the other businesses in the area...

frank james gets to know our neighbors:
oregon artificial limb co.

located just around the corner from us, oregon artificial limb co. is our new favorite place to shop for wooden legs, false digits and everything prosthetic. whether you're an amputee or simply a false limb fetishist, this helpful mom and pop business is always happy to lend a hand. 

members only

meet justin.
justin is our newest member of the elite fj portland crew.

justin is super cute and fresh.
justin likes spaghetti.
justin has never been to hawaii.

justin works sundays and mondays in case you want to come stalk him.


sneak it saturday

frank james is getting cray cray lately. so cray in fact that we decided to get some shoes up in this mess.

we are so so so pleased to announce that we will now be stocking jeffrey campbell mens shoes! this hot canvas booty and a leather number as well. uh oh! 


How to Loose a Customer in One Dressing Room

wow. here at Frank James we are rarely shocked, however today we stumbled upon something that blew our minds. Fellow shoppers, retailers, or friends reading, prepare yourselves for this. we like to think of this concept as "How to loose a customer in one Dressing Room".

"To protect the retail stores' investment in apparel and the customer's make-up. Protect garments from being soiled so they will not be "marked out of stock". (MOS) Stops the transfer of make-up to garments and keeps customer's hair and make-up in place. Prevents earrings from snagging the garment" To Purchase: www.vaaardvark.com


this just in...FLOCK

FRANK JAMES is proud to be stocking FLOCK by Melody Geer.

you know when people are like.."omg i have a line, you should totally take a look!" then they bring in some hand made piece of shit that looks like a craft project at the old folks home.
well that didn't happen when we saw FLOCK.

hand made with organic cotton and bamboo these are simply amazing with flair coming out of every single button
come and get your FLOCK hoody @ FRANK JAMES


Level Jeans for Men

okay boys, come and get some new jeans
whether it be straight, relaxed, boot or skinny...we got you covered.

the knol pant by level in rinse is one of our favs.
ps-its only 120.00
pps-we don't encourage sex in our dressing rooms...but it might happen after you slip these on.
ppps-okay maybe we do.

All Hail Jeffrey Campbell!

 Jeffrey Campbell has arrived at Frank James! 
this classic boot is a wardrobe staple.
wear it over jeans, over tights, with a dress, with your new fall trench....WITH ANY AND EVERYTHING! 

jeffrey campbell caress boot in grey::$220
while you're at it, check out jeffrey campbell online!


hype yourself up

we get it...its cold. 
pair this with a cardigan, tights and boots!

100% silk. empire-waist cross-back mini.
pleating under the bust.
and pockets for all the digits you'll pick up wearing it. 


faces of frank james

 its october now. what do we do in october? we blog every single day. frank james thinks its time to meet everyone.

meet heather.
 heather is the manager of the bellingham frank james. 
heather likes to attack people with hugs, love, encouraging words and pinot noir. 

meet vanessa.
vanessa works pt at the bellingham frank james.
vanessa attends WWU...she has like six minors.
vanessa is really tall too.

meet maxwell (on the left)
maxwell works pt at bellingham frank as well. 
maxwell is in a rap group.
maxwells rap group is called 'milltops finest'

meet victoria.
victoria owns half of frank james portland.
victoria puts the cray in cray cray.
if cornered, victoria will cut your face.

meet alison. 
alison owns bellingham fj and half of pdx fj.
alison will one day serve 10-life.
buyer beware, alison tends to get nasty.



Voom is a four letter word right? Holy is also a four letter word...HOLYSHIT is an eight letter word. There aren't many other words that come to mind when we look at the clothing from Voom by Joy Han. Made in the USA...does that sound even better?

Come by Frank James to check out these and many other fun fashion what and wants.


dress him up--Featuring Kill City

[Junkie Fit Jean Kill City]
[the perfect denim for him at under $100]

[Kill City Classic Mens Layering Vest]

With Paris fashion week coming to a close and all of our netflix in transit, there
is not much left to do besides, shop, drink, brunch and shop. Frank James is dedicating this saturday to HIM. Weather you are a lady buying things for your man--a guy on the hunt for fall basics--or a butch top daddy searching for a treat for your University of Portland 22 year old boyfriend we have you covered.

Frank James is proud to offer several lines for men which supply the need for fall basics--while keeping them accessible and fashionable. KILL CITY, CLOTH LOGIC, LEVEL, NAKED & FAMOUS, HAYDEN YOO, Portland's own LA MERDE and basics from ALTERNATIVE APPAREL line the racks at FJ. Stop in this weekend to check out new arrivals, shop the store and work the look.

Kill City, based in LA, offers a street aesthetic while still allowing you to own your own style. The young brand offers updated street wear classics--which can easily be added to any wardrobe--in any season. Monochromatic pieces, cut on the slim side offer a lot of styling options at a great price point. Stop in today to see the other KILL CITY pieces and our entire mens selections.


First Friday Featuring Ryan Cottrell

First Friday @ FRANK JAMES Where​:​​ Frank​ James​ (729 E. Burns​ide #​​103)​​ When:​​ Tonig​ht!​​ Frida​y the 3rd 6-9 Artis​t:​​ Ryan Cottr​ell Join Frank​ James​ tonig​ht for Papst​ Tall cans,​​ maybe​ some subst​ance to cure that hunge​r,​​ and Kate Moss inspi​red art by local​ pro skate​board​er and artis​t Ryan Cottr​ell


Choose to Vote, Choose to Shop

Frank James is happy to announce that you can register to vote at the store. Make voting fun and easy by stopping by Frank James today!

Frank Obama James
729 E. Burnside #103
Tuesday-Saturday 12-8
Sunday-Monday 12-6


inspiration has many forms

here at frank james we take inspiration from many things. whether it be a lovely fall day, an amazing outfit cruising by our window, natalie portman's shaved head, or this....

this is anna the cat. she resides in seattle, wa. anna is an inspiration to us. as you see, this photo was taken 1/28/07. people, anna is still alive. she is a living, breathing member of society. snaps to anna for keeping it real and working that bod.