cmrtyz shreds the tee down to yo knees

i've been enjoying a staycation in seattle this past week.

today i decided to go and visit the headquarters of my friend ty's CMRTYZ operation over in ballard. i don't really know what baby ty does. there is something involving tee shirts, something involving shredding tee shirts, something about alicia keys.... at one point he told me he has a record label. i don't even know, but its pretty fucking rad. below are some pictures of "the operation".

CMRTYZ can be found at OAK, Blackbird and soon Frank James.


dear creatures

more dear creatures arrived at frank james today. limited stock, so come by or call. Remember...our 10/20/30 sale is extending through the month of January!

woodland skirt

praire doll blouse

scout blouse


baby cakes

another load of altru olympic tees arrived today. these puppies are selling like hot cakes, like baby cakes.


wear this

new rvca shipment arrived at the store today. lots of great button downs for men and women. this one in particular.
if you are a man, you should wear this.


altru apparel

got our first shipment of shirts from altru today just in time for all the olympic festivities. i love the olympics. i love the winter olympics. curling anyone?
i don't know how many of you are apolo ohno fans...but i heard that the national potato board is sponsoring him this year. i love 'merica, i love speed skating and i especially love potatoes.


the new vice came today. come and get yours. don't forget about our 10/20/30 sale running through the 15th!


winter sale!

running now-january 15th

tons of new insight, mink pink, plastic island, dear creatures and much more!