yet another rvca shipment.
always good, always goes.

stellar sweater dress $70
chicon plaid $50
ike plaid $55
rebel $70
iron plaid $60

buying clothes that aren't for halloween sounds good, doesn't it?


photos are fun

got the polaroids back from the anniversary party.

big thanks to everyone who came to support and stimulate.
heres to another year.
photos by patrick wright.


mink pink

love this mink pink 'silly duffer' coat that arrived at our bellingham, wa store today.
not in belligham? neither am i.

here are your options...
a. call one of the stores to order
b. email
c. train, car, bike or fly to bellingham
d. send a letter?

La Merde for the Ladies

new winter coats in stock from la merde. nice and warm, fully lined, just what you need....

cadence $250
majorette $220

limited stock, come and get one before they are gone and you are stuck out in the cold....alone...crying...no cell reception...


oh snap!

new arrival of oh snap!

available in a men's crew and women's scoop neck.
check out the oh snap website HERE..


do people still say 'dome piece'?

i sure hope not.
new brixton hats arrived today.
gray plaid stroll $50
black herringbone twill hooligan $35
grey herringbone brood $35


Frank James welcomes SLVDR

frank james is happy to welcome slvdr to the family. with great attention to detail, intricate design and wearability, slvdr fits swimmingly with our ever expanding mens selection.

slvdr 'baltic' zip $84
slvdr 'civilian' zip $80


PLAIDipus Maximus

a new rvca shipment arrived today. its really plaid.

rvca rod iron plaid. $55
rvca rangerette plaid. $48
rvca grande plaid. $55
rvca pike plaid. $56
rvca chico plaid. $55


Congrats Peckerwood

Our dear friends our celebrating their 4th year anniversary tommorow! They are known for throwing an amazingly good time filled with pabst, good tunes, good goods, art, and good times! Join them!



Men's Top $150

Skirt $140

Reif  was founded in 2008 by Lindsey Reif. Living in Portland, Oregon, Reif produces garments and accessories that are equally versatile as they are durable.  Her collections are inspired by a life-long love of vintage fashion, classical modern architecture, and the landscape of her native South Dakota.
Come by Frank James and check out NEW ARRIVALS for Fall by Reif.