i was in nyc this past week for men's market. since i always forget to bring my camera places, this is the only great photo i have to share from my time there. my great friend ty mcbride sporting one of our altru olympic tee's from fj.

i'm very excited about the new lines for men coming into the store next season! we'll be welcoming penfield, ds dundee, fremont, buckler, baron wells, norse projects, etc.....


i really like this hat

the brixton 'stella' hat arrived today. a perfect summer accessory.


summer is here?

after months of darkness and cold is seems as though summer has finally graced us here in portland. i am not very happy about this (my apartment gets hotter than a high school wrestling match). the good news is that we are still clearing out summer goods at frank james. the store is a bit cooler than the blazing devil sun too.


go team

happy 4th of july weekend!
frank james will be closed on sunday so we can lay in someone's backyard.