if you love the jersey shore as much as i do (and want to be on season 2 like i do) you will appreciate this.


those aussies sure do know their stuff.
much more in store, here are a few pics.

over it flannel $54

blunt time flannel $54

professor knit jacket $102.00

mid winter knit jacket $110


merry christmas

does anyone remember this woman?
for those of you who don't, she is the bat shit lunatic that drove across the country to kill her lover. seems fair, right? well she didn't just take a leisurely drive. in order to cut back on bathroom breaks she wore a diaper on her drive. genius.

did anyone catch the episode of hoarders on a&e? one particular woman who wore diapers so she could shit her pants? yes, genius.
below is her bathroom...full of diapers.
dear diary, today i shit my pants. but i didn't really shit my pants. i shit the diaper in my pants. i'll probably shit my pants tomorrow too. note-buy adult sized diaper genie. xoxo

i swear my next blog will be something about clothes.


newest obsession

everyday i come to the store and go through the same routine.
paper mail
a multitude of blogs
craigslist (not casual encounters)

and now THIS

i can't stop.
i wont stop.

those last two are in there just to make me sound smart.


'tune in tokyo' jacket

'slow down' tunic

all the products on the blog are for sale...obviously. since the web store is under construction, just call or email the shop if you find something you would like to purchase. its much more personal that way anyways.


a dear tuesday

heres a look at some of the new dear creatures we've got in recently.

camp dress in blk/wht stripe

indian creek blouse in heather grey

indian creek blouse in oatmeal