Clean Up @ The Cleaners!

day after thanksgiving shopping at its finest. not only will frank james be open normal hours 12-7 offering 25% off everything in the store, but we will also have some stuff down at the cleaners. we're basically giving it away all over town. xoxo



if you've ever been into the shop you have surely seen this photo of my dear fritz. what you don't know is the creepy things i tell people when they ask "who is that"? below are my answers.
photo credit: adam levey

1. "thats my boyfriend. he died. are you going to buy that?"
2. "thats the owner of the store, he's watching us. are you going to buy that?"
3. "i don't see a picture up there. are you going to buy that?"
4. "thats my ex boyfriend. he dumped me, i'm really sad about it. are you going to buy that?"
5. "thats my reason to live right there." then i blow the photo a kiss.