march artist: brittany beug

another month, another artist! 
now that we are getting into warmer weather, lighter clothes, brighter colors, we thought the art of brittany beug and her collection dubbed "manimals" would be a perfect combo this month with the new spring feel of the store. 

meet brittany

brittany alexi beug is a sea cucumber who has been making sea cucumber art since the seventeenth century a.b. her work prescribes tylenol to lazy people much the same way english breakfast style tea is served in bathhouses throughout post-modern russia. her color pallet inspires many to take up gardening based on the notion that painting black over everthing=rhubarb. her hope is to garner sparkling magic rocks from imaginary places to evoke a sense of early television commercials aimed at captive audiences of children. brittany is a tiny child, so you should take care not to step on her as she is oh so tiny.

brittany is going to be hanging a mixture of prints, mixed media and paintings.

come to frank james friday march 6, 7-10pm
good times


the other frank james!

so after much consideration (thats a lie), we started a separate blog for the bellingham store. 

on this blog you will find the following:
random shit
new store items
award winning journalism
bellingham gossip
...and much more! 



Handmade by Stink Face

As of yesterday, Victoria has opened her online Etsy account and started a blog for Handmade by Stink Face. Her creations consist of vintage inspired headbands and scarves made from materials that she saves from being forgotten or trashed, such as John Blasioli scraps and Vintage Chanel fabrics. New items will be added daily so remember to keep her on your "to surf" list when on the web.


Say WHA???

You can get this Hot Dog for $25 or you can come into Frank James and get your hands on some hot $25 items! We have marked down a ton of merchandise such as James Jeans, Cloth Logic, Level 99, Alternative Apparel, and much more!

With shit (good shit, not the oily kind (EW)!) this cheap you better hurry!


an ode to bellingham

ever since portland opened our bellingham outpost has turned into the sad little bastard child store. 
so i've decided to give some snaps to the original fj today!
here are few of my favorite items that we have in the store right now.....

dear creatures joni blouse in rust.
fj pdx carries the cream version (only one left)

mink pink 'wet wet wet' dress.

mink pink is carried in both locations. this australia based brand keeps their clothes real and wearable. looking to street style, high-end designers, current trends and vintage pieces for their influence. all the garments are made to work with your existing wardrobe, tastefully electrifying your individual style.

mink pink 'check mate' high waist skirt
(this number will be in pdx very soon...but if you can't wait give us a buzz at the store to get yours TODAY!)

so there it is. i'm sorry we ignore you bellingham. 

202 e. holly #119

not warm. but not cold.

the weather is improving. but lets not get ahead of ourselves, its still chilllaaaaay! here are a couple of our new fav coats in the james these days. 

kensie plaid trench. $172
its light weight, PLAID, crazy yet muted.
we like. 

and of course... another la merde. 
introducing the sea breeze.
a lovely seer sucker jacket with lime gingham lining. $230


Shopper of the Day

Meet Ashley Anthony
Ashley is a Frank James local favorite.
Hairdresser to Victoria. Ashley came into Frank James today and discovered the $25 SALE rack!
For an awesome style visit Ashley at Tiger Tiger Hair Salon located @ 1808 Alberta St.


Hi Fritz

As of 6 am this morning Fritz Mesenbrink has officially launched his design website. Check it out to view all his great work. Fritz is a local favorite at Frank James. Congrats to you Mr. Mesenbrink!


why have you not bought this? take two

we hate la merde. that was acting. we actually really enjoy la merde.

but why have you not bought this coat?
its the new spring major major.
it cost 250.00
but remember....we have a sale going on right now.
so quit ignoring us and come in a buy this coat damn it!

thank you consumer whore

frank james loves free press.
why? because we cant afford advertising.
THIS is by far the best write up ever!

thank you consumer whore.
we hate the name of your column.
but we LOVE you.


why have you not bought this?

dear dear creatures,

you are perfect in every single way.

your friend,
frank james

dear anyone who has not bought this dress,

really? scared of being too cute? hi...its on sale!
come get it! only two left.

frank james


First Friday: Featuring Katy Parish

Where: Frank James
When: February 6th, 2009.
Time: 6-9pm

This Friday, Frank James is pleased to announce that, Washington born and raised artist, Katy Parish will be display her art for the month of February. Katy graduated from University of Puget Sound in 1984 with a BA in Arts and has been drawing and painting for more than thirty years. Katy describes her way of creating art as “drawing from my imagination based on perception of things seen around me as I go from day to day”. When creating most of the pieces that will be shown, Katy was living in the Nile Valley of the Naches River, in Washington State. Her pieces are created using pastels and motivated by “color, composition, and imagination”. A personal favorite that will be shown at the show is “Fall in the Nile”. When asked why she is excited to be showing in Portland Katy responded with “I love this city and I’ll get to go to Powell’s”. Katy currently resides in Yakima, WA where she continues to create beautiful pieces.

Join Frank James and Katy Parish this Friday 6-9pm. As always Frank James will be serving up good times, good deals, and good drinks.

*For more examples of Katy’s work visit www.myspace.com/nilevalleyart and ADD her as your friend!


the sale continues.....

when we decided to put everything in the store on sale we didn't really know when we wanted it to end. people ask.."so when does the sale end?" and we'd just look at them with a sad look behind our eyes......"as soon as we make rent, pay off our baby daddies and dealers?"

well...we made rent. but its february now and the sale continues. after much thought and consideration we've decided to extend the sale through valentines day (ick).

15% off entire store (including shoes and accessories)
25% off all denim...there's a lot of it! 
30% off select items
...and we're still open to bartering...

bonus feature: we just got a HUGE shipment of kensie, new la merde jackets and brown sound is arriving this week. hooot!