not warm. but not cold.

the weather is improving. but lets not get ahead of ourselves, its still chilllaaaaay! here are a couple of our new fav coats in the james these days. 

kensie plaid trench. $172
its light weight, PLAID, crazy yet muted.
we like. 

and of course... another la merde. 
introducing the sea breeze.
a lovely seer sucker jacket with lime gingham lining. $230


Fashionista Kate said...
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Fashionista Kate said...

I love this coat! Plaid was all over the runways from Dolce & Gabbana to Marc Jacobs! Not only will this coat last you through all the chilly mornings running to grab a coffee, but its perfect for the sunny days in Portland when you want to make a statement! The best part about this coat is you can really pair it with jeans, or throw it over a fun party dress, and the benefit of black and white is that it goes with all the colors of the rainbow! Its my top pick for spring!!