march artist: brittany beug

another month, another artist! 
now that we are getting into warmer weather, lighter clothes, brighter colors, we thought the art of brittany beug and her collection dubbed "manimals" would be a perfect combo this month with the new spring feel of the store. 

meet brittany

brittany alexi beug is a sea cucumber who has been making sea cucumber art since the seventeenth century a.b. her work prescribes tylenol to lazy people much the same way english breakfast style tea is served in bathhouses throughout post-modern russia. her color pallet inspires many to take up gardening based on the notion that painting black over everthing=rhubarb. her hope is to garner sparkling magic rocks from imaginary places to evoke a sense of early television commercials aimed at captive audiences of children. brittany is a tiny child, so you should take care not to step on her as she is oh so tiny.

brittany is going to be hanging a mixture of prints, mixed media and paintings.

come to frank james friday march 6, 7-10pm
good times


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