Sometimes, you sit at home after work and you stare at your Netflix. The red envelope is stacked with your other mail, bills, you may have a beer in your hand. You sit and you think, "This is not that bad. I am pretty happy."  Around 8:30 pm you order take-out and your movie is 3/4 of the way finished. You think, "I could go out, but I don't have to...I'm happy here." 9:45pm rolls around, and at this point you are like, "I shouldn't spend the money on drinking, then I'll want a slice, then I'll take a cab home to SE or go home with some blurry stranger." You whisper, "Yeah. I should stay in," you sigh and breath out..."warm here." You pull your duvet up around your neck--pretending to be cozy, pretending to care about Kate Winslet as she plays the role of the confused and torn female in a film which you don't even remember putting in your que. At 10:30pm you have just sent out four texts that all read..."Where R U, There in 20." Socks slide on easy as your heart races. You, again, feel alive as dark jeans slide over your hips, fastening quickly. Layers, a sweater and a jacket pile on top of themselves. You. Are. Going. Out.

So--mark your calendar now for the FRANK JAMES PDX Grand Opening. With several months under our belts, lots of new clients, an amazing economy, some great new friends, a small group of frien-emies and a slew of fun events going on before New Years--we ask you to swing by our E. Burnside shop December 12th for our GRAND OPENING. Slide a little Frank James visit in between holiday parties, I mean, who couldn't use a free drink on the way to his/her work party?

Expect storewide discounts, FJ Fashion Show, Holiday Cheer, Free Beer from our sponsor PBR, hot tracks from DJ HOSTILE TAPEOVER , special in-store gifts with purchase and many, many dare I say MANY celebrity cameos planned throughout the evening. Shopping. Sexxy. Sipping. Socializing and scandalizing all promised at the Frank James Grand Opening.

Grand Opening Celebration
DEC. 12th
Doors 7pm
Fashion Show 8:30pm
All Are Welcome.
Bring Only Your Cutest Friends.

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