Many people Nation....err, make that World Wide on Sunday morning were shocked to peel open the riveting pages of the Bellingham Herald to discover a rash of burglaries had happened along the quaint business lined Railroad Ave. The Police Report read as follows:

"Five local businesses along the 200 block of East Holly Street were broken into and burglarized late Sunday night. The owner of LOCUST (our neighbor!!) discovered the burglaries upon opening his boutique Sunday morning at 11:00am.

The victim business' are identified as, DESIGN LAB, CALYPSO SALON, Le Rednevous, and Frank James. All Located in the Gateway Center attached to Bob's Burger and Brew. Police are reviewing video in an attempt to identify two suspects described as white males in their early 20's wearing dark hooded sweatshirts. (If you haven't been to Bellingham this literally describes nearly 79% of the poplulation, including women.)

Alison Hawley Dahlgren, Frank James Bellingham Owner was in PDX at the time of the thefts but arrived to find the Bellingham Store rand sacked, and with much of her inventory gone. Hawley, a graduate of Meridian High and local business owner said:

"Thanks a lot---the largest shopping day is just days  away---that should be good with no merchandise." She turned back to her tiny, nearly empty shop and sipped her sugar free redbull.

The distraught business owner then bent down and picked up an oversized beaded lariat--putting it around her own neck...and then said..."Well, lets put it back together." With her diligent staff and heart of gold Alison put her tiny shop, what was left of it, back together and prepared to get back to business.  


One of the two "bandits" responsible for terrorizing these local businesses is already behind bars. Bellingham Police department are working tirelessly to return the stolen goods to all stores---in an attempt to help them recoup lost sales on Black Friday. I again caught up with Alison Hawley to get her thoughts on the evnets:

"I'm most likely going to go to drinks later at CAPS to celebrate, I don't have the merchandise back yet---but I do have a link to the guys myspace who has been arrested. I will be posting that shortly! I invite everyone to come to Frank James on FRIDAY for a giant sale which will not only celebrate the holidays, but also JUSTICE, AMERICA, and the BELLINGHAM POLICE FORCE."

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