La Merde, local Portland favorites, will team up with Frank James for their first ever trunk sale event this Friday night. Swing by Frank James and enjoy the First Friday works of Jess Wamre (details in blog below) and get a sneak peak at everything the masterminds behind La Merde have been working on. In the theme of this weeks bloggings we again phoned Ty McBride, our NYC "A" Gay and ask him to conduct an interview with the LA MERDE design team.

Frank James is proud to carry the La Merde collection in Portland and has been very happy with the success of the selling. We look forward to spring....and to this juicy interview.

+Below Q&A Between between Ty McBride for Frank James and Erik Powell of La merde
+All images submitted by La Merde.

TMC: Hello, Erik, it's nice to speak with you...I was trying to remember the first time we met. It's hard to forget--because you are in fact an actual giant. It seems like its been nearly 7 years ago now. I met you at the POOL show at the LA Standard? Right?

EP/LM: Yes I am very tall.

(phone line goes silent for a little too long.)

TMC: Well, let's get right to it then. Who is the brains and brawn behind La Merde?
EP/LM: Erik Prowell and Josh Hindson are both the B&B behind the collection.

TMC: With years of success under your belts as screen-T jokesters how has the foray into cut and sew treated you. (www.nostarclothing.com)
EP/LM: It has definitely been a challenge entering into a new market. At the same time, we've been able to apply many of the lessons we learned when we started the te company. The best part isthe reaction we've gotten from some of the buyers and even some friends when they first saw the line. They were surprised we had any fashion design skills. To be honest....we were a little surprised too. We've also learned to never take ourselves too seriously, hence the moniker La Merde.

TMC: I am dying to know...who is La Merde dying to fuck?
EP/LM: We'll pretty much sleep with anyone. Well, josh won't. He's married and just had a kid. It would have to be someone really special.

TMC: How does one become La Merde/The Shit?
EP/LM: There is no "one way" to do it. We recommend people look with to find that way.

TMC: Who does La Merde think is hotter Lauren Conrad or Yves St. Laurent?
EP/LM: ....come on...(then submitted above picture)

TMC: What is La Merde's secret favorite jem about PDX?
EP/LM: After hour parties at Frank James and Lo Mein at the karaoke place down the street.

TMC: Does La Merde go all the way on the first date?
EP/LM: We never settle for second base.

TMC: Will La Merde ever do a line for women...La Merdette? La Petite Merde?
EP/LM: Expect something for women Fall 2010.

TMC: I then asked Erik to send us out with his favorite quote and favorite image from google image.

"I love deadlines. I like thw whooshing sound they make as they fly by." Douglas Adams

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