interview with the talent

getting to the talent: march edition
name: brittany beug
age: 25
hometown: puyallup, wa

friday is upon us....so instead of making our art announcement one blog, we decided to do it in a two part series this month. all the pertinent info comes in the first blog, all the good shit comes in the second blog. we had some time to sit down with brittany over a nice session of g.chat the other day to get to know her a little better.

Q & A with B.R.I.T.A.N.N.Y

Q: what is your main inspiration as an artist?
Children's Books/Animation

Q: who are you dying to fuck?
I want to fuck Kevin Bacon so hard that he shits a breakfast sausage!

Q: what is the first thing you do in the morning?

Q: current celebrity crush?
A Danny Davito-Kevin Bacon hybrid.

Q: since you are showing at a fashion boutique...what trend do you hate the most?
I don't know if I'm trendy enough to know what's trendy, but I never really dug pants. Are those in?

Q: what is your day job?
Grocery Buyer for a health food store... Let's just pretend that I'm a professional sock puppet.

Q: fav quote:
"Shut up and dance!" No clue who said it but it sounds like pretty good advice.

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