Artist Cameron Jennings always comes first. Especially this Friday. Meet Cameron now.

Bellingham Artist and Frank James favorite shows
his newest works at FJ PDX location this

We are honored to be displaying the works of Cameron Jennings for this December's FIRST FRIDAY. Jenning's who also contributes to our site, logo work, and in general, our graphix needs is also one of our favorite artists. We asked our A-gay to interview Cameron via G-chat earlier last month. It is also rumoured that our blogger-de-fagitus also may or may not have made out with this months featured artist in a hotel room in Vegas circa 2003.

Please read on for the Q&A between Jennings and McBride--and then join us as we proudly display his work this Friday.

AGE: 25

TMC: What is your day job, or are you a full time artist?
CJ: Freelance graphic designer.
TMC: What is the main focus of the group of work you will be showing at FJ?
CJ: I am not fully aware of any "meaning" when I start working, but things start to make more sense as the process goes along. This is the first group of paintings I've done using the xylene transfer method, so a lot of it was playing around with the limitations of that process: choosing images that transfer well, etc. I spent a lot of time in thrift stores, antique shops, looking through books to find good images.
TMC: What is your main inspiration as an artist?
CJ: I get really excited when I see art that I like and I suppose that is my biggest inspiration: just trying to make things that I like. That's pretty vague. I get inspired just by being out and looking around. I like to do new things, and work with a lot of mediums. I always have tons of projects going on, so the times I am most inspired are when I find some new process or some new way of working. I like finding a process that keeps me inspired.

TMC: Who are you dying to fuck?
CJ: Hmmmm.
Who is your Current celebrity crush?
CJ: Rachel McAdams. Vera Farmiga. Angela Lindvall.
TMC: Since you are showing in a fashion boutique--what trend to you hate the most?
CJ: I hate how every fucking girl looks the same. There are like seven blonde girls I see all the time with bangs and huge glasses and I literally cannot thell them apart. The only reason I know they are different people is becasue sometimes they are all hanging out out together. So, maybe, I just miss girls wearing jeans and t-shirts and not being weird fashion drones. The whole Apple cultural marketing campaign makes me so mad. Maybe that's the biggest thing. Everyone wants a fucking Macbook and an Ipod. It's insane. Steve Jobs is a facist.
TMC: Along those lines, but with less social commentary, what would you say is your personal style?
CJ: I wear the same clothes everyday. Living in Bellingham makes it very easy to become lazy about fashion.
TMC: Well, Cameron, send us out with your favorite quote.
CJ: "I always have a good reason for taking something out [of a painting] but I never have one for putting something in. And I don't want to, becasue that means that the picture is being painted predigested."---------------Robert Rauschenberg on art.

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Fist Fight said...

i like this guy's stuff. it makes me feel like i'm having fun and even less gay. whoa.